Leather furniture, in addition to respectability and elegance in appearance, has one undeniable advantage: for a long time, it is able to remain in fashion without losing its attractiveness. But it should be remembered that the skin is a place that is such a narcotic material that should be provided with deterrence and special care.

The care of leather furniture – outdoor daybeds should always begin before its use. The most important thing for such a clean and demanding material is not cleanliness, but protection from adverse external factors and prevention of their occurrence.

Wear prevention: Leather upholstery is susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity. Keeping furniture near a central heating battery, exposure to direct sunlight, dry air or cleaning furniture with lots of water or wet steam can cause the skin to lose its elasticity, crack, lose its color and texture.

To avoid premature skin aging, it is important not only to keep furniture away from sources of heat and moisture but to carry out procedures regularly to maintain the elasticity and beauty of this whimsical material. After removing dust from the furniture with a soft dry cloth, wipe down leather upholstery with a soft sponge soaked in stearic grease or high-quality cosmetic milk to remove makeup.

Inexpensive types of leather upholstery can be greased with a broom with a small amount of any odorless vegetable oil: sunflower, peach, grape seed oil, etc.

Daily cleaning: Caring for leather furniture is reduced to the daily cleaning mode to remove dust with a cleaning flap; Strong dirt can be removed with a sponge dipped in warm water with mild soap and wring out to a slightly damp state. 

In no case should you use household chemicals, which include abrasive particles, alcohol, solvents, acetone – these substances can damage the structure of the skin and its color. 

After cleaning the furniture ( Cheap Rattan Furniture Sets )with soapy water, it should be wiped with a slightly damp cloth dipped in clean water and the remaining soap should be removed so that it does not leave streaks on the upholstery. It is recommended to use filtered or distilled water, as the salts contained in tap water can adversely affect the appearance of leather furniture.

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